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Signatures Suites (SC)  |  Village on Eugene (Greensboro, NC)
Platinum Plush (VA) | Health and Wellness Center (VA)


Prospective Tenant Frequently Asked Questions


What suites are available?

Availability varies based on leases and the type of business. Give us a call to speak with us or set up a tour to see available space


How large is the space?

All suite sizes vary. We do not have square footage for each one. Salons are set up by the chair (1-Chair Salon, 2-Chair, 3-Chair, and custom build-outs). Office suites vary in size as well. Give us a call to speak with us or set up a tour to see available space.


How much is it? What’s included in the rent cost?

Rent includes keyless entry for each tenant (custom-coded), all utilities and the furnished space. (3a) Is it less if I don’t need furniture? No, all leases are at a fixed rate but you are welcome to bring in your own furniture if you like.


What changes can I make to my suite?

Paint colors can be changed for each suite. You can hire your own painter or use ours.

If you would like to make upgrades to furniture pieces, electrical, plumbing or framing (walls), our staff will have to do the work and these will be at an additional cost.


What are the hours of accessibility? How early and how late can I work?

Signature Suites is accessible to tenants 24 hours per day.

The Village on Eugene is open from 8am to 8pm for most tenants. You can opt-in to 24/hour access for a one-time $150 fee.


What are the costs associated to move in? How much do I need?

There is a one-time CAM Fee (Common Area Maintenance) on all leases of $500. 

The security deposit is equivalent to two weeks rent (for weekly leases) or one-months rent (for monthly leases).


What is the process to move in?

Schedule a tour > Review the FAQ > Pick an available unit or suite > Pick your move-in date (generally 2 - 4 weeks max) > Sign a lease and pay the move-in fees > Get your login for the online portal > Let your clients know and prepare for move-in! 

Ready to start? Click below to start the online leasing process.

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